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March 14, 2013 / theyellowbungalowla

well, the first.

“First” blog posts, I’ve noticed, typically follow a theme that focuses on, well, the fact that it’s their “first blog post.”  Many writers will share that they’ve been “thinking about this for a while” and now they’re “finally getting to it,” etc.  Others set forth an intention for their blog: “I’m going to teach you this,” or “here is the place to see every single picture that I’ve taken of my friends/dog/child/alien space ship.”

My first blog post, however, is centered around one very important topic: coffee cake.  I’d like to discuss my thoughts on coffee cake, why it’s important to me, and in my follow-up posts, why you might also consider bringing more coffee cake into your life.

And although this first post is about coffee cake, rest assured that subsequent posts will cover a wide range of topics, most having to do with eating, cooking, entertaining, and otherwise enjoying a delicious life.  And yes, there will be additional discussion about my love of coffee cake and how I’d like to have more of it in my life.

Welcome to “The Yellow Bungalow Los Angeles.” We’re excited that you’re here!


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