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May 7, 2013 / theyellowbungalowla

The Egg Shelf

The Egg Shelf

I like to keep the eggs on the third shelf from the top, on a more narrow shelf. I usually keep bread or tortillas on this shelf next to the eggs. I store perishable nuts, like hazelnuts, as well as perishable flours, like almond meal and whole wheat flour, in the very back of the egg shelf. It’s okay to keep these items out of sight because I don’t use them often, and will seek them out when I need them for a recipe.

This week, however, you can’t miss the gorgeous bowl of cherries and apricots sharing the egg shelf (the tortillas are behind the eggs). I found the season’s first cherries AND apricots at the farmers market on Saturday, and wouldn’t dream of making a choice, so I bought both! I came home and washed them right way, then put them in a prominent place so that we can seem them every time we open the fridge! It’s a heavenly treat to walk by the fridge and grab a handful of fresh cherries!

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