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June 6, 2013 / theyellowbungalowla

i {heart} mason jars…

top shelf with jars
On Wednesdays, my post focuses on “good living,” i.e. things I find inspiring and that make everyday life just a little bit better. Mason jars fit quite nicely into this category, and I’d love to share a few examples with you.

I use Mason jars to organize and store all sorts of things. This is a picture of the top shelf in my pantry. I used to loathe the top shelf of the pantry because I need a step stool to reach (even though I’m tall – 5’10”!). Even with the extra boost from the step stool, it’s difficult to see what is up there. Now I use the top shelf to store all of my dried beans and lentils. Even better, the Mason jars keep things organized AND I can see exactly what I have and what I need more of. Brilliant.

sugar garlic oil and onion

This pic from my fridge illustrates not only the various sizes of Mason jars, but also a useful feature: they’re made of glass, which allows me to store an onion and garlic oil next to simple syrup without worrying that my lemonade will taste like garlic and onions. The glass keeps all the flavors (and odors) in but unlike most plastics, won’t absorb those flavors. The glass allows me to see exactly what is inside, like the gentle reminder that I’ve got half a red onion that needs to be used up!

verbena iced tea

Finally, here is my new favorite use for Mason jars: as drinking glasses. Our glasses were mis-matched and in need of replacing, so I’d been using Mason jars in the interim until I had a chance to find something new. Instead, we’ve fallen in love with their “old-school” charm. Here is my new favorite summer afternoon pick-me-up: iced green tea infused with lemon verbena from my garden…exactly the inspiration (and caffeine boost) I need!

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