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June 12, 2013 / theyellowbungalowla

a simple, delicious summer salad…

fresh dill
My mama called yesterday to tell me how much she loves the flavor of fresh dill.

“It tastes so different from dried. It’s so…so fresh.”

Back in the ’80’s and 90’s, our small town grocery store didn’t offer much in the way of fresh herbs. So we improvised, using dried herbs instead. In my house, we grew up eating a creamy dip that we cleverly referred to as “dill dip,” sort of similar to ranch but made with dried dill. The dried dill added a bright, verdant flavor to the creamy dressing, which was usually a mix of mayo and sour cream and a little white vinegar for tang. “Dill Dip” made regular appearances on veggie trays at summer parties, picnics, and bbq’s, and we happily dunked our crunchy veggies into this creamy dressing.

Cut to present day in southern California, where I’m blessed to be surrounded by farm-fresh ingredients and cook with fresh herbs almost every day. Aside from our fantastic farmers markets, most local grocery stores also sell fresh herbs, so I was taken by surprise when my mama shared her joyful observation. Luckily the fresh food trends have found their way to the middle of the country, where my sister picks up a CSA box each week from a local farm. This week, there was fresh dill among the goodies; being a good daughter, she shared her wares with my mom.

After we hung up the phone, I remembered a salad I used to make with fresh dill. One summer, this satisfying salad made regular appearances at our table, and was on almost every dinner party menu because it was so popular with my clients. It’s simple, light, and chock full of fresh dill. Even better, giant chunks of avocado elevate the simply dressed butter lettuce with creamy, buttery goodness. Should you also discover the merits of fresh dill, I do hope you’ll try this salad. I think you too will find a place for it at your summer table.

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