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July 19, 2013 / theyellowbungalowla

how to: succulent clippings…

succulent clipping...
“Succulents really confuse me,” my friend declared, causing me to laugh out loud unexpectedly.

I had stopped into her office to get some technical help (not my strong suit), and complimented the pretty succulent clipping that graced her desk. “Unfortunately none of my succulents ever survive, so my friend clipped a stem from one of her plants and gave it to me.”

She had taken the clipping and stuck it in a glass of water, and brought it to work where I’m guessing she could watch over it more closely. Over time, the branch had grown a beautiful, elaborate root system, visible through the glass. It looked pretty sitting on her desk, a welcome distraction from all the piles of papers and books strewn about her work area. Her friend had encouraged her to plant the clipping, allowing the root system to establish a completely new plant.

A few days later, I was sweeping the sidewalk along the side of the bungalow and accidentally broke off a few branches from a large potted succulent. I knew instantly that I had a new project on my hands. I brought the stems inside and began looking for something to store them in while I waited for them to (possibly) grow roots, creating a whole new plant. I found this beautiful footed goblet, its jeweled-green glass blending perfectly with the green hue of the leaves. I arranged the broken stems into the goblet and quickly found a resting place for it on the windowsill in my office.

The succulent clippings have been there for over a week, still green and beautiful and happily soaking up the sun that comes through the window. I think I’ve noticed the tiniest, faintest hint of a root growing from the bottom of the stem. It could be real, or simply a product of my wishful thinking.

Either way, I’m going to enjoy them for as long as they last.

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  1. Tammy / Jul 21 2013 9:03 am

    I love succulents and they’re relatively easy to grow. I do the same thing with indoor house plants.

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