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October 3, 2013 / theyellowbungalowla

some news from the bungalow…er…vancouver (!!)

vancouver coastline
I’m spending a few months in Vancouver. Canada. Vancouver, located in beautiful British Columbia, approximately three hours straight north of Los Angeles by plane…that Vancouver. A new city, a new kitchen, and endless food adventures to be had!

I’ll still be posting recipes, tips, etc, just from a different kitchen, and maybe with some new inspiration. After all, Vancouver is a very food-centric town! The Canadians are quite serious about their food, and I’m planning to bring you along with me on this delicious ride!

The bonus is that in addition to creating recipes at home, each week I’ll share a more personal account of my food experiences in this delicious city, including restaurant reports, bakery expeditions, and of course, adventures at the local farmers markets. I’ll be sure to include a few photos and the occasional dog story as well.

The Yellow Bungalow was born from the idea of a life well-lived in a tiny bungalow, which just happens to be located in the middle of Los Angeles. Our bungalow is a cozy place, where I cook delicious, seasonal meals for my family and friends, and share my adventures on this blog.

As I move forward in a new city, The Yellow Bungalow is beginning to feel a bit more like a state of mind than an actual place, at least as I put down roots to create recipes and write about food without the inspiration of my home, hearth, and life we lead there. I trust that the change of scenery will reveal inspiration around every corner, creating delicious opportunities to keep me walking, eating, and very, very happy.

We’ll be back in the original bungalow by the end of the year. Fear not, as it’s being well-loved and cared for while we’re away.

In the meantime, I’ll be eating my way through Vancouver, and I do hope that you’ll join me!

The first installment of Vancouver notes will post tomorrow…

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