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October 8, 2013 / theyellowbungalowla

well hello, creamy & dreamy…

avocado + almond milk shake

This is one thick shake.

Avocado. Dates. Almond milk. Honey. Vanilla. It sounds exotic because it kinda is. And yet, I almost always have these ingredients on hand, except for the avocados (which I keep around MOST of the time!). So maybe it’s not so exotic after all.

The avocado makes this shake incredibly thick and creamy. The dates lend a caramel-y note while the honey rounds out the sweetness. Homemade almond milk creates an intoxicating aroma, and vanilla brings it all together into one rich, delicious treat.

I like my smoothies and shakes really cold, so I always toss in a few ice cubes. Ice cubes aren’t traditional but even some Moroccan recipes call for ice.

Ice, no ice…it’s up to you. It’s darn good either way.

This shake makes a great afternoon snack, either to get you through a busy day or to make for little people who do homework after school. I’d serve it for dessert too, and I’d even call it healthy.

I had the pleasure of working on the video below, and wanted to share it with you because, well, I think it’s beautiful and a really fun way to “watch” a recipe come together. Thanks, Tastemade!

Like me, you might have never tried anything like it. Once you do, I’m confident you’ll agree that it’s pretty yummy. You might even find yourself making it again and again. I confess that is what happened with us…the avocado + almond milk shake is now on regular rotation at the bungalow.

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