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what we believe

kari and marco

photo credit: nick theodorakis

THE YELLOW BUNGALOW LOS ANGELES is based on the idea that we can create meaningful experiences with food in our own home. as it pertains to this space, HOME is defined by where we are, right now in this moment. HOME symbolizes the home in which we live, or can reference a temporary space that we seek to make more intimate and meaningful.

it is here at the bungalow that we are focused on the comings and goings of everyday life in the kitchen. there are a multitude of occasions the home cook responds to in order to support and sustain those within the home. warmth is created through sensory memories, like the smells that embrace you as you walk through the door at the end of a long day, or the hearty foundation with which you begin the day via a bowl of steaming grains and a cup of hot coffee. the exciting experience of a new flavor is enhanced by the safety of a familiar environment. ultimately, the home serves as the foundation to one’s palate, and for this reason, we believe home cooking is indeed a worthy pursuit.

THE YELLOW BUNGALOW LOS ANGELES celebrates the rhythm of a home kitchen, and through its chronicles, endeavors to inspire you in creating a unique rhythm that reflects the individual lives that seek solace in your home. in most instances, recipes will be given. please note that individual translation and improvisation are not only encouraged but expected; we each walk different paths, and must respond to the joys – or challenges – presented to each of us on a daily basis. our intention is to share our observations and ideas so that you may develop the understanding and confidence to create a story that reflects your unique palate and experiences.

our home is immediately defined by the closest family members within, then swirls outward to include more family, friends, and those we invite into our circle of “breaking bread.” in this space, we aim to provide you with inspiration for celebrating the daily, making each moment as delicious as possible, as well as supporting life’s noteworthy occasions such as holidays, birthdays, and milestones with the elevated gustatory experience they deserve.

we encourage you to think of us as a trusted friend, someone you can rely on as a resource as well as a place to exchange and challenge ideas. if you discover a noteworthy translation of a recipe or idea we’ve set forth, please consider sharing it with us and our greater readership so that we might all benefit from your perspective.

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